Another carriage stop... retrofit

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coal miner
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Another carriage stop... retrofit

Post by coal miner » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:46 pm

My lathe came w/ a carriage stop that was a pain to use .Had to remove the allen head bolts completely to attach it to the ways . Couldn't hit the the holes and was a hassle to tighten using a L shaped wrench , T-wench hit the lead screw . Got to where I just used a long travel DI to hit the mark , also this was a problem on long boring jobs . After looking at CarlD's excellent stop decided to fix the one I had to make it more user friendly. So made a new plate for the bottom and installed studs long enough to allow it to be put on without removing the threaded nuts . Will be using it more now that it can be put on in a manner seconds .

Little bitty screws and me don't get along .


This is a lot better .



Thanks CarlD for your post , made me rethink the one I had and made it useful .

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Post by CarlD » Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:13 am

There ya go coal miner, it just takes a little thought and you can most always modify a tool that is not very useable to something that is useable. I like the thumb wheels to tighten with. I used 5/16" hex bolts and have to use a wrench on them which is sometimes clumsy for me.

That's a nice job on the revamp coal miner.

I may try studs and knurled knobs on mine if the bolts give me trouble.
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