I have a live center on by drill press

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refinery mike
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I have a live center on by drill press

Post by refinery mike » Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:13 pm

This is a trick my dad taught me, and i am older than dirt. Dad always had a tapered hole in the table of his drill press. This hole was off to the side a little, but drilled and reamed by the chuck so it would be dead in line. Mine has an 0 morse taper in it for an 0 live center.
I know what you are saying,,, for what? Well i hope to show you what it is for.
First of all, I like to sand and polish things i have turned in the lathe. Many of the things i make i want a mirror polish on them. That involves at least 6 grades of sandpaper and one or more types of polishing compound. Trying to keep all those abrasives out of my Lathe is a pain.
So i polish them in my drill press. Also my Lathe only goes up to 1200 rpms while my drill press goes up to 3100 rpms. which is a big advantage when sanding small objects.
and use some common sense this is only for small parts. dont try to spin a crankshaft for a car like this.
I simply put a center in the chuck and line it up with the center in the table, and put the piece between them. I use electrician's tape for a lathe dog. You are only sanding. If the piece is long i have a set of tool rods turned with points on them to line the chuck up with the center.
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brass part polished from 80 grit to mirror, notice all the garboon on the table.

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Re: I have a live center on by drill press

Post by Rosco-P » Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:40 am

Putting a side load on the bearings in the DP spindle is a good way to introduce wear and runout. Buy a junker lathe for polishing like an an Atlas or worn out SB.

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Re: I have a live center on by drill press

Post by stevec » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:55 am

Gimme a break Roscoe, go out and BUY a junker lathe and find a place for it, just to save an old DP with garboon(?) on it from the HORRENDOUS side loads induced by sanding and polishing, really!
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Re: I have a live center on by drill press

Post by oldbrock » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:32 pm

I would think that there is no need to put any side loads on the bearings when polishing at high speeds, just pinch the part between two pieces of abrasive, thumb and finger. Very little force required anyway if the part has a reasonable finish from the lathe. I do something similar and hang a weight from the drill press handle to keep light pressure on the center. Peter
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