Hydrogen Embrittlement

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Bill Shields
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Re: Hydrogen Embrittlement

Post by Bill Shields » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:31 am

perhaps it was just that particular MODEL....which was built about the time I was born.

I specifically remember directing the crew that cut the unit up and scrapped it under the direction of a fellow from Exxon who had done the same thing at 2 other locations....because they were too dangerous to continue to operate.
Too many things going on to bother listing them.

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Re: Hydrogen Embrittlement

Post by E189552 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:48 pm

Years back we machined hardened steel and were required to test for hydrogen embrittlement by using a nitric acid bath.
Any “damaged” areas would show as bright specks.

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Re: Hydrogen Embrittlement

Post by shorttrackhack » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:30 pm

I usually cook parts out on the gas grill, it keeps me from having to sleep on the couch...

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