BIG NEWS from Little Engines

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BIG NEWS from Little Engines

Post by Highiron » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:14 pm

10-4-2018 BIG NEWS from Little Engines.

It has been over 5 years since I took the helm of Little Engines; I have put in countless hours bringing the company back to being the major supplier and reputable company it used to be. I spent long hours and tens of thousands of dollars rebuilding patterns, making new tooling, and more to provide higher quality castings with nice detail. It's time for the company to move forward again to the next level to better service customers and the growing needs in the hobby. To this end, I have decided to pass the torch to Jesse Banning of Banning Locomotive Works in Port Angeles, Washington.

Jesse is a young man who is a skilled machinist, knowledgeable in AutoCAD, and a good builder. I believe that Jesse has the wherewithal and the ability to take Little Engines beyond what I did with it.
Jesse will be taking the complete Little Engines 1 -1/2 inch scale locomotive line along with the small line of 2-1/2 inch scale parts that I offered.

The entire accessory and detail part line that I developed and inserted into the Little Engines catalog will be staying with me. These parts/supplies will continue to be offered for sale under a new business format which will be announced after the first of the year. Anyone who needs accessories at this time is still more than welcome to call, they will just be sold through our parent company.

I encourage customers, old, new and people making inquiries to give Jesse the time and faith that you gave me while I worked on bringing this company back. Support is key for vendors in this hobby - without the support of customers we simply would fade away.
I am still here to technically assist all customers who have started projects with me and to assist Jesse in any technical and business advice that he may need to keep Little Engines moving forward and on track.

I wish to thank all of my customers for their support during the years that I operated Little Engines and look forward to serving everybody under our new Accessories, Detail parts and Supply Company.

The new Little Engines contact information is available online and in the printed add of this current issue.
I encourage you all to be patient while the company is moved from one coast to the other. Operations will cease at our Pennsylvania facility commencing the end of the 1st week of October. Jesse hopes to be up and running again the first week of November 2018!
Michael Venezia
Little Engines of NJ, LLC

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Re: BIG NEWS from Little Engines

Post by NP317 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:58 pm

Wow! That's HUGE news!
I have no doubt that Jesse Banning will live up to your standards, and both of you will continue to serve the Live Steam Community.
Thank you for all you have done over the years.

Life requires serious thought to decide when a business or organization would benefit from the injection of new management.
Few people seem equipped to make those decisions.
Cudos to you on your actions.

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