Does anyone sharpen endmills?

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Mike Walsh
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Re: Does anyone sharpen endmills?

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I learned to sharpen endmills as a lab tech in college... The lab superivsor always mistook my endmills for brand new ones. I had to start having them mark them before I went to work to prove a point (for fun). It was fun, not too bad, and I did OK. Best part is, if you goof up, drop the grinder a bit and go back to work. Fun times.
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Re: Does anyone sharpen endmills?

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Hello, I have acquired a KO Lee B600 cutter grinder. The machine has a 5/8" arbor. It is my plan to sharpen endmills, drills etc. as sending them out is not an option due to my location. What would be the preferred wheels as a good basic set for non carbide grinding? Is there a vendor that has them reasonably priced?
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