The Train Now Departing

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The Train Now Departing

Post by JBodenmann »

Hello My Friends
Here is a link to a series of wonderful programs. The name of the program is, The Train Now Departing. This was produced for British TV back in the 1980's. I may have linked this before, I don't remember, but if so it's worth another look. This series was produced by those who knew their subject quite well, and obviously had great affection for it. This is the first episode and is about the Settles and Carlisle railway. At the time this beautiful line was at risk of closure but through the efforts of many was saved. I really like the way this series was presented and hopefully you will too. The opening segment says it all. I could not find a link that started from the beginning so click at the beginning.
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Re: The Train Now Departing

Post by Bruce_Mowbray »

I wish Chaski had a "Like" button! I would hit it for this one!
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Re: The Train Now Departing

Post by NP317 »

That is indeed a nostalgic film about the Settle to Carlisle railway line. It is good to know that rail line survived and sees annual passengers over 1 million.

During the same time that film was presented (about 1989), I found myself in the UK on business. My host knew of my interest in railways and I ended up on a tourist line in southern England. The train was hauled by a pair of A4 Gresley Pacifics, with the famous Mallard on the point!
I enjoyed a relatively low speed trip, and was surprised by how those locomotives appeared noticeably smaller than the hulking US locomotives I was familiar with. And graceful.

The Brits certainly were (are?) the best at producing high speed 3-cylinder locomotives. Music to my soul.
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Re: The Train Now Departing

Post by Greg_Lewis »

When searching for the above, this also came up. A sincere effort to educate the very young (and note the armed mail sorter in the mail car):
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