Need wheels? Need patterns?

Discuss park gauge trains and large scale miniature railways having track gauges from 8" to 24" gauge and designed at scales of 2" to the foot or greater - whether modeled for personal use, or purpose built for amusement park operation or private railroading.

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Topics may include: antique park gauge train restoration, preservation, and history; building new grand scale equipment from scratch; large scale miniature railway construction, maintenance, and safe operation; fallen flags; track, gauge, and equipment standards; grand scale vendor offerings; and, compiling an on-line motive power roster.
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Need wheels? Need patterns?

Post by Adirondack » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:34 am

Hi folks. I'm at a point where I can take on a few new projects, and I wondered if anyone needs some BIG wheels or other items for their various grand scale projects.

I can easily take your sketch or even just basic dimensions and turn them into a CAD drawing that then produces a 3D printed foundry pattern. From there it is off to the foundry for cast iron (or aluminum) goodness. I can also provide any other parts you might need using this same process, or even create patterns for investment casting. See below for a few sample images.

Drop me a line, always happy to discuss.



For reference, the cast iron wheels are 9" in diameter.

cast wheels.jpg

SRRL parts.jpg

printed patterns.jpg
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A little locomotive with 4 wheels on the track is a lot more fun
than a 1/4 finished one with 16 wheels on the bench!

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