Milling machine vise

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Milling machine vise

Post by whateg0 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:34 am

I bought the vise I use several years ago for not much money, and it's been useful for me since then. However, the holes in the moving jaw are not right, with those in the front of the jaw (the side facing me) being too close and one angled inward. So, to use the outside, I had to make a special jaw. It works, but I've always thought of fixing it by boring out the existing hole and making a plug that I could thread correctly. It's never happened, and I doubt it ever will.

So, browsing ebay just for fun, I find that there are a whole bunch of cheap vises that all look the same, but not the same as the Kurt clones. They are missing the openings on the side, and there is no visible key for the fixed jaw. I'm just curious how they are indexing the fixed jaw. I'm sure there are bolts from the bottom, but that can't be all they are relying on, can it?

I see Shars still sells the Kurt clones for the same price, but not including shipping, which seems a far better/safer option if I decide to spend the money. I guess with all the emails I've been getting about prices going up soon due to the tariffs, maybe I better decide soon whether I want to upgrade now. ... SwSflbmzOB


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