craftsman 15-1/2" drill press - buy or not?

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Re: craftsman 15-1/2" drill press - buy or not?

Post by spro » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:33 am

Some drill presses, you can look at them and walk past. Particularly irked when one is branded Rockwell. The ones I see on craigslist are so light weight compared to the 80's versions, I don't know how they could power through hardwood. I have a bench top Rockwell of the '80's era and its base, table and column weighs more.
There was an attempt to make the Sears, later Craftsman drill presses more sturdy. We could see it in the table bracing and many people are fond of them. The Newer old stuff is what is being sold. Sometimes they mention upgrade and mostly don't. Any drill press is better than none. There is a hidden price on going cheap.

Mr Ron
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Re: craftsman 15-1/2" drill press - buy or not?

Post by Mr Ron » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:43 am

There are industrial level and DIY level machine tools. It is assumed a DIYer doesn't need or want an expensive machine tool so they are made cheaply to satisfy that market. If one wants a serious piece of machinery, he has to look in the used industrial market. New! you will pay a high price. Tools that were produced after the turn of the 19th century up to around 1940, were either for industrial use or for the farmer. Very few were buying tools for hobby use until after the war when companies realized there was a market for DIYers. Tool companies started making two levels of machines; one for industry and the other for the DIYer.
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