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Forum rules for posting. READ FIRST

Postby moderator » Sun Jul 17, 2005 10:12 am

First, a welcome to all who have registered on the new Chaski forum.
It is good to see a lot of familiar names, and some new ones already.

It would be wise for all members to click on the register button and actually read the agreement you signed when you agreed to it before registering. That agreement reinforces what is listed below.
Remember that when you enter this forum you are leaving your first amendment rights at the door. The operators of this board can, will and must control the activities here.
The rules listed are preliminary. As time passes changes will be made when needed to keep this board user friendly, and abuser unfriendly.

While we do not want to be overly strict, we also do not want to return to the uncontrolled and unfriendly atmosphere of the old forum. Those who were in the old forum will remember the last days of that forum. This new format will allow control of civility. It will allow the forum to grow and change as needed to help it grow. Helpful comments are encouraged and appreciated. Comments should be sent to the railmoderator email address at the upper right of the page.

1) There will be zero tolerance for the use of obscene or foul language.
The use of symbols and punctuation marks to simulate those words will result in deletion of any posted message containing such attempts to circumvent the rule.

2) There will be zero tolerance for personal attacks on people or groups. If you disagree with someone, a flame attack is not going to stay on this board. Post your disagreement in a gentlemanly fashion. Posts written in a way that show intent to degrade or insult or anger another person will be deleted.

3) Attempts to antagonize or defame an individual will be deleted even if written without the use of foul language.

4) Posts, and even entire threads, based on blatantly false information will be deleted when recognized. This forum is intended to be a place where people can share information and learn about various aspects of railroading. False information should be avoided.

5) The entire premise of this board is railroading. Generally it has been steam railroading. However, this board allows discussion of any type of railroading or railroad related items. It also allows one to stray from that topic to a certain extent. That extent is determined on a case by case basis. If a non railroad related subject is posted, the moderator will determine whether or not it may be of interest to a large portion of the membership.

6) Moderator should not have to, and normally will not, post warnings to forum members. It is assumed that the member is in control of what is being composed and has full knowledge of which words are normally considered offensive and obscene. If a member of this forum is in doubt, send an email to the moderator prior to posting and ask.

7) Posts that appear to be intended to antagonize another person will be deleted.

8) This forum may not be used for the sale of items of any type. It is not for advertising other than announcements of pending railroad related activities that would be of general interest to the people who frequent this forum.
Links to sites where items are for sale are not usually considered to be advertising items for sale. Overuse would change that consieration.

9) Solicitations for donations or other values will normally be deleted. If one feels their solicitation is deserving of special consideration, the proper procedure is to email the moderator and follow whatever instructions are received in reply. There is still no guarantee the request will be honored. This forum should not be considered a platform for charitable solicitation.

10) The moderators of the Chaski Railfan forums reserve the right to arbitrarily delete any posting or edit any posting they find is not positive to the purpose of the forums.

11) The moderators of the Chaski Railfan forums reserve the right to deny access to this site to any idividual based on judgements made by the moderator/s. This means that moderators determine who may participate in discussions, and decisions to not allow access to any particular user are solely at the discretion of the moderator/s.
This rule allows moderator discretion from the first stage of registration to any time after activation. This means that if a user becomes a problem in the eyes of the moderator/s that this user can be removed at moderator discretion. This rule is for the protection of the integrity of the site.

Anyone who has a question regarding administration of this forum should feel free to write moderator at the link posted at the top of the page.
Your questions and comments are appreciated and encouraged and will be answered.

This is all for now.

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