Another couple or so old photos

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Mark D
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Another couple or so old photos

Postby Mark D » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:47 pm

One isn't mine, I don't know who took it. Was sent to me years ago from someone. The middle photo is running Chicago to Galesburg doing all of 79 mph. I have a video someone gave me back then which shows it well. The choo-choo left the chase car in the dust.
This was before we had to drag a diesel with us. Note the Milwaukee Road colors on what looks like a baggage car behind the second tender. That is our tool car. Its history is all Milwaukee Road. It is what is left of the 1938 Beaver Tail lounge car EARLING. It is still named Earling. It seldom rolls with us these days because it's not Amtrak compatible. I am guessing that it might come with us on the North Dakota trip that's coming up. I hope I can make the trip. Work is threatening to keep me from going.
Mark D.
261MilwaukeeTrip2008 080.jpg
Brent and I greasing the rods while a local TV crew films it for some local news show. Photo taken by Jason Walker using my little pocket digital camera
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Re: Another couple or so old photos

Postby Fitz » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:58 pm

Mark, in competition with your last "from the cab" photo, I'll toss this one in, taken in North Dakota enroute to the 261 house back in 2009. We have had some real fun, haven't we?

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