Waycar Wednesday .... what the heck is this?????

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Waycar Wednesday .... what the heck is this?????

Postby BurlingtonJohn » Wed May 03, 2017 8:15 pm

This is a shot that I have never come up with a logical explanation for. My sister graduated from college here in God's Country (aka Missouri) and took a job in Dallas. Mom, Dad & I assisted in moving her to Big D in August 1980.

On the way home (or was it on the way down?), saw a freight adjacent to the highway. Dang near jumped out of the car when I saw this Alaska Railroad waycar on the tail end of the train (think it was a Katy train, but don't hold me to that).

Can somebody tell me what the heck an Alaska Railroad waycar was doing in Oklahoma? :-)

Burlington John

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Re: Waycar Wednesday .... what the heck is this?????

Postby Millhouse » Thu May 04, 2017 1:07 am


John Bohon
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Re: Waycar Wednesday .... what the heck is this?????

Postby John Bohon » Thu May 04, 2017 9:46 am

After a little online searching I found this caboose was built by Pacific Car and Foundry in March 1948 along with about 14 others of the class. They were placed in service in Alaska in April 1949. Apparently they were sent back to PC&F in the late seventies and early eighties for rebuilding that included FRA glazing and removal of their roof walks. Photo evidence seems to show they may have also received roller bearings and the paint scheme you photographed at the same time. There are several photos of different cars, including at least one string of 3 cars, in the lower 48. The photos were taken at various locations including Des Moines, IA. It seems at least some of the cars were moved in revenue service on the rear of regular trains by the railroads moving them as you photographed. It appears many if not all of the cars have been retired and probably scrapped. That is about all I could dig up but it gives you a place to start. I suggest you enter the railroad name followed by caboose and the number and see what you find.

John Bohon

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