Back in 2004

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Back in 2004

Postby Fitz » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:05 pm

Mark, remember this? You alerted me to the doubleheader rumor and I made it back to Minnesota to ride.. This shot taken at the St. Paul station at the end of the trip, and both engines are backing out to a wye to eventually split up and return to their home bases.
2816 and 261 doubleheader, 2004

Mark D
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Re: Back in 2004

Postby Mark D » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:47 pm

Seems like a long time ago, but I do recall, my memory isn't quite so bad that I can't remember that couple of days. Now that gorgeous Hudson is mothballed - maybe forever but hopefully to see the light of day once again. The Northern doesn't get out and about as much now as it used to, but does still get out once in a while.
Both the machines and the men who run them have become older, but steam still stirs the blood of those who love the look, sound and motion of 19th century transportation technology.

Those were great days. I still have a few photo's of you during that series of trips. Did I ever send copies to you? I will if you want them.
Maybe you don't want them... :-)

It's a wonderful live when some guys manage to get one of the largest railroads in the country to let them run their steam engines on their rails that are actually intended to provide revenue for the company. It shows there is still something in the hearts of men that forces them to make the right decision so they, too, can see it go.

Mark D.
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