A requiem for PVs?

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A requiem for PVs?

Postby BurlingtonJohn » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:32 pm

One year ago tonight (30 Mar 17), I was riding a charter on the tail of #6 consisting of California Zephyr veterans Silver Lariat, Silver Rapids and Silver Solarium. I originally hesitated as the tickets were not cheap, but since I had always wanted to ride Silver Solarium, I figured what the heck. This shot is of Silver Solarium at our layover in Denver.

Later that night as we sped east on the Burlington main, I wrote the following words from the dome of Silver Solarium: “Sitting alone in the dome of the Silver Solarium, an authentic CB&Q veteran of the California Zephyr. Watching the signals change on a Colorado night on the original CB&Q mainline. Life is good today.”

When Dean Wermer dropped the big one (look that movie up) on Wednesday, it seems as if the moon, stars and planets all imploded at once. I honestly don’t know if the “policy” can or will be altered or reversed, although I hope it is (and yes, I’ve signed the petition). Pardon me for not putting my faith in our so-called representatives inside the beltway. And I mean that with every bit of sarcasm and cynicism that I can.

In view of the events of the last several days, I’m glad I made the trip. I am reminded of a saying “don’t cry because it is over, rejoice because it happened”.

Burlington John

Silver Solarium (99).jpg

Mark D
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Re: A requiem for PVs?

Postby Mark D » Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:38 am

Looks to me like you took that ride at the very last minute.
Not going to happen again any time soon.

Mark D.
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