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Re: Skookum at Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:51 am
by Mark D
John Bohon wrote:I think the slide valve is losing lubrication not the rod bushings. This seems to be a classic case if the valve seizing up and the rest of the engine wants to keep rolling Something has to give and classically the eccentric rod is the weak point. They may well be bending a few other things too like the eccentric itself. My solution would be to install a mechanical lubricator and insuring the valve got plenty of valve oil. Then I would see if the problem went away. If it did not then I think I would look into steam flow into the low pressure cylinders. Perhaps somehow not enough steam is getting to the low pressure cylinders to allow proper lubrication. Like most things you start with the simple things and go from there. They got the kit running so I am sure they will figure out this problem.

John Bohon

Well stated!

Mark D.