First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

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Re: First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

Post by warmstrong1955 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:45 am

I apologize if I was part of the thread heist.
Just to add....I don't like bashing, whether it's a revolver vs autoloader, S&W vs Colt, or Glock vs Sig. If I want that, I'll go to their respective sites, and mention a competitive brand....
We all have our preferences....and budget....and what suits our style....leave it at that.
Same goes for 3in1's, bench top lathes, and round column mill bashers. Again.... preferences....and pocket book....and space.

I will say flat out, that there is nothing wrong with carrying a .38 Special for self defense. Ballistics are not that far off from a 9 mil.
What I think is more important, is being proficient, whether it's a .22 or a .50 cal, and to the point it's actually instinctive. Hitting the X ring fast is of most importance.
I also own a Chief's Special (model 36 S&W) My wife likes that one a lot. .38 Special, 5-shot, aluminum frame, nice & light. With a 2" barrel, it makes a glorious flame with hot loads at night! Not a whole lot of fun to shoot at the range with though.
Important to note, she has small hands, so the Mod 36 actually fits her hand better than even one of my round butt 19's or 18's. Auto loaders....she likes my PPK.
She can shoot my 1911, but it looks like she's trying to hold up a my Mod 29, or Python with a 6" barrel.

Sorry I can help you with your Charter....I have tuned up & modified many a S&W revolver, but I've never been in a Charter Arms.
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Re: First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

Post by BadDog » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:23 am

Thanks, and for my part, no worries about any hijack. Threads go where they go. And other than a potential revisit to reduce the main spring, the Charter is sorted and she's happy with it.

Looks like I'm a lot like you Bill. The latter part of this thread is comparable to Ford vs Chevy (though we all know Chevy is best). But while I own no Fords (and haven't for over 3 decades, learned my lesson), I do own both semi-auto and revolver hand guns, but mostly Rugers. Yeah, Chevy and Ruger, all others are second best at best... :wink: :lol:
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Re: First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

Post by GlennW » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:37 am

I see one local Sheriff Deputy that still carries a .357 revolver, another (Sargeant) carries a 1911, but the majority carry their issued Glock 21's.

Gotta have a bit of variety!

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Re: First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

Post by warmstrong1955 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:58 am


S&W's are easy. The main spring is a leaf, and you just do a bit of filing on the strain screw to lighten it up a bit.
The rebound spring is a coil, and easy enough to give it a clip and a file, provided you don't get carried away. Also easy enough to get carried away....same with strain screws. :roll:
They sell after-market springs all over the place, with a few lighter forces available.

Maybe do some searching on the net, and see what's out there for lower force mainsprings? Or get a stock spare before you go trimming a coil off....I sure bought lots of springs & things for K-Frames, and before I started....
Same with the trigger spring it doesn't look modifiable. Maybe lighter ones are available. (I was just looking at a parts breakdown on the net....I was curious)
Lot can be done polishing with diamond stones, and for single action trigger pull, wet stones....but tread lightly....and be square!

Only Rugers I have, were my Dad's. Single action, a .22 and a .357. Good for poppin' rattle-bugs when out Jeepin' & campin', which is why he had 'em.

And....some people love Mopar's......I'll leave it at that..... ;)

Today's solutions are tomorrow's problems.

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Re: First tune-up: Charter Arms 38 Undercover

Post by steamin10 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:44 pm

I owned a star PD once. I loved the light weight Spanish built .45 acp popper. Unfortunately, a fiber slide follower got worn, and it hung up the slide with reloads. Factory rounds were not a problem, but after many years it started to show its age. On a range it hung up, and a pal thumbed the slide forward, while holding the trigger, and broke the thumb. I traded the gun, but got spit for it, as the fiber piece was no longer available, they claiming it was a parts gun.

I liked the lighter PPK and S models but found they could bite the web of my ham hands. I wound up with a Signa .380 for hide out. Trigger safty and no buttons, tabs or play toys hanging out. Just a pocket rocket. My holster gun became a P-89, and still is.

I had in my youth a Ruger single six convertable that was fun. But the Blackhawk made me anti wheel gun despite my star experience. I found the Star with six in the clip, to be short in thinking. Comes down to it, I want a belt from a box, or a fanner 50. Just my preference. First hit wins in a street fight, so rounds at a target count.
For around the property, I use a .22 short pistol of Astra fame, a Type ll Ruger with glow sights for twilight shooting, and an antique H&R 9 shot with shorts for varmint elimination. The H&R being a revolver with break action and self stripping spent rounds in LR.

It is all in what you like, and its use. The Signa is easy carry with a backup clip. The P-89 is a canon and heavy to carry, and therefore a burden. More so with the incase rounds. All just my travelled opiniom of course.

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