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Casting Iron Bar Stock

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:47 am
by Bill_Cook
The subject of casting iron bar stock has come up in the past.

The iron foundry I work for casts test bars for quality control. They are about an inch in diameter by eight inches long. The iron is poured into molds made of 'no bake, no flask' sand. I don't know if the large amount of iron in the pouring basin effects the quality of the iron, or if it has to do with the large ladle they are poured from.

I haven't machined one, but I've turned a couple of bushings from iron in a vent that was drilled in a cope down to the parting line. It machined just fine. The Bushings were pressed into 5/8" drill-reamed ends of a length of half inch iron pipe. The OD was then turned to replace a worn plastic fairlead roller on a hose reel.