it comes in handy

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it comes in handy

Post by reubenT » Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:18 pm

this foundry thing that is. Even little repair problems can be solved very cheap. Working on an old car engine from a buick skylark, pulling it out and adapting it to fit a track loader. Transmission and all. But it had this little issue with a rock and the oil pan. The last move the car made was driven by my cousin up the neighbors drive and back very carelessly. I was up there close when I heard the oil pan hit the rock in the road. (the car wasn't suited to the road, more of a rough jeep trail) knocked a big chunk out of the bottom corner of it. A cast aluminum pan. So now it's sat for 3-4 years and I decided to use the engine and trans in my track loader. Got it pulled and the pan off, set it up with a greendsand form to pour a patch, using a piece of Styrofoam sheet for part of the patch pattern. (lost foam casting) Get it where the liquid aluminum will kind of sandwich the broken edges of the hole, Then melt some aluminum and pour it in. Made a nice solid but rough looking patch. Cleaned it up with a grinder, and it would leak I'm sure, specially that extra crack running off one way from the hole. So after cleanup with grinder I mix up some JB weld and coat the whole inside surface of the patch sealing the edges off to bare pan surface. So I'll never know if it would have leaked because it won't now.

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Re: it comes in handy

Post by NP317 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:03 pm

Nice backyard fix.

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