Wrapping Split Bolts: Rocket Science?

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Re: Wrapping Split Bolts: Rocket Science?

Post by LIALLEGHENY » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:43 am

Yes your power requirements will depend on what you plan to do, and what equipment you are going to run. I have a commercial shop with 225 amps, 220v service, 3 phased. I run 2 large CNC mills , a CNC lathe, air compressor and host of manual machines. I can run these all at the same time EXCEPT when am using some of my welding machines. I have a miller Syncro 250, 220v single phase, that is on a 100 amp breaker. Max output is 300 amps, and I have been known to pop the breaker at times when welding heavy aluminum. So when welding I may only run one of the CNC machines. I know of a few people who have the Syncro 250 machines at there homes....and in most places you can't get three phase in residential areas, so the welding might max out your panel. Add lighting, fans , AC, an air compressor that suddenly kicks on.....and you are suddenly in the dark. Again it all depends on what you plan on doing.


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