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If you are having trouble logging in...

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:07 am
by Marty_Escarcega
Do the following:

First delete your browser's cache and cookie file.

Make sure your firewall and or browser's allow your system to accept cookies. (Usually a security setting in these pieces of software) This is how the site remembers you and remembers your pointers (what you have read in the forums)

Log in and check the Remember me box.

Recent events have disclosed that if you use the wrong link, you can have difficulties logging in. The following quote should be observed:

Dorin wrote:First...Make sure you are coming in via and not is the old way into the board... but with new web browsers, cookies, etc...the redirecting might play a part. If this happens to be the case...purge your cookies and start fresh going in through
If you still have problems, logging in, email me directly with your Username and Email address. I do not need your password. I will check your membership status, reset your password and will email you directly a confirmation message.