Thinking of posting pictures?

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Re: Thinking of posting pictures?

Post by Rich_Carlstedt » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:11 pm

This thread is long and confusing.
There is more discussion about pixel counts than about the actual posting of pictures and function.
So the question is ?
Does Chaski allow us to download pictures onto the Chaski server like Photobucket did
I cannot find a download link so I assume the answer is no ?

Why not update the column and say no and that the max picture size is 1000 pixels x whatever

Since Photobucket folded, I seldom post a picture, but the desire is there occasionally

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Re: Thinking of posting pictures?

Post by Harold_V » Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:22 am

Posting pictures on this board is dead easy. Don't look for a link that says photos, or some such, as they are posted as attachments, and are done on the same page used to post. Look below the box in which you enter your text, left side, where you will see two buttons (I'm assuming you use Allan Style SUBSILVER as your board choice). The first one it titled Options. The second, the one you use to post pictures, is titled Attachments. Click that button, then follow the instructions. Note that we do limit photo sizes, and that all photos hosted on the board are displayed as thumbnails, which can be clicked for a full size display.

There are a few good reasons why pixel size (as well as file size) is limited. One of them is slowly becoming a non-issue--that one being that pixel count used to ruin a thread if it exceeded 1024. Beyond that size, text was spread in all posts in any thread in which a larger picture was posted. That causes side to side scrolling in order for the text to be read. I can't think of even one person who enjoys reading that way. With modern monitors, that isn't as much of a concern, but then not all of our readers have a modern monitor.

Another of the reasons why there's a limit on pixel size is that some folks simply don't have the wisdom to not post a picture that is thousands of pixels wide, with a huge file size. Large pictures waste band width, and cause folks with slow connections to not be able to follow a thread because the huge pictures take too long to download.

Post pictures using common sense. When detail isn't an issue, a picture size of 1024 pixels in width and just a couple hundred kb in size is more than adequate. If more detail is required, a larger file size may be required. In general, the larger the file size, the better definition will be displayed, assuming the photo is well in focus.

If readers hope to see this venue continue free of charge to them, keeping the overall size of the board in check will help. That means that unnecessarily large file sizes (for oversized pictures) should be avoided. The owner of the board has never requested financial help, although he has graciously accepted voluntary donations.

Be mindful that not all folks enjoy a high speed connection. The board isn't about any one individual, but all of us. We all sacrifice a little so everyone can participate.

If you have problems uploading a picture, feel free to contact me via the board (PM), by email (if you still have my address), or simply post accordingly. I'll do my best to assist you.

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