Lab volt 5600 CNC mill and 5500 CNC lathe

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Lab volt 5600 CNC mill and 5500 CNC lathe

Post by dash9 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:00 am

Have for sale a LAB VOLT 5600 MILL and a 5500 Lathe. Both are like new, I do not have the lab volt software which was pretty much useless anyway. it can be converted real easy to MASH 3 or 4. or the new Centroid Board the ACORN for around 300.00
They are located in Eastern PA. and shipping would be out of the question. The mill weighs almost 400 lbs. Would be great for making small parts. They can be ran right now in manual mode from 1" per min travel to 20"s per minute travel.
The lathe has quick change tooling , and drill chuck and the mill has R8 collets and about 6 end mills. Price is 1750.00 each or 2500.00 for the pair.

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