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Post by barnes_gunworks » Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:57 pm

well... didnt like the idea of not having 100% power on the mill (running it off a static convertor). so i decided to build a RPC. looked and looked for a 3 phase 5hp + motor for cheap... finally found one at a surplus store here in texas. for $50 i picked up a marathon 3 phase 5 hp 220v motor used. got to looking at it and decided that i didnt like the idea of having a motor hooked up and not working. so i got some pillow blocks (found em) took the shaft out of my baldor grinder that died on me, bought some 4L pulleys (2" and 4") a 4L belt. then i designed it and built it... the reason i went with a 4" and 2" pulley was because i needed 1750 RPM on the buffer/grinder. 2" on the motor shaft and 4" on the grinder, i also have a 2" for the grinder shaft if i need 3500 RPMs for anything.

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