Car Shelter Trusses

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Russ Hanscom
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Car Shelter Trusses

Post by Russ Hanscom » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:00 pm

Also a Welding topic as this invoves lots of welding.

The C&TSR is in the slow process of building a 40 x 180' car shelter to give some protection to wood cars after they have been restored. During the past two weeks, we started on the trusses. Week one was cutting up lots and lots of steel, drilling holes, and making sub assemblies; by mid week two we were ready to start assembling trusses. The parts were carried in by lots of strong backs and set up on saw horses and the railed trolly in the middle. Once a truss was fully welded out on the top, it was rolled outside and turned over with a skiploader, then rolled back inside for completion of welding. A completed truss weights about 850#; it needs to contend with 40 psf snow loads, span three tracks, and will be spaced at 12 ft intervals. We hope to get the trusses erected in 2012.

We were able to do three trusses in a day, three welders were available, two stick and one MIG, but much of the time was for setup and not in actual welding; lots and lots of clamps. The upper chords are doubled 3x4 angle and the lower ones are doubled 2 x 2 1/2 angle.

The work area is inside the Antonito, CO car repair facility - someone forgot to install a gantry crane!

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