A peep inside my new home workshop, including concrete bench

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John Hill
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A peep inside my new home workshop, including concrete bench

Post by John Hill » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:03 pm

Shop pictures...

Workbench with Drummond lathe at the end of the bench, note how tidy I like to keep my bench!!! LOL

IMGP9398 by aardvark_akubra, on Flickr

...this is my new concrete bench showing 12x36 lathe, 10" cold saw and little Adept shaper..
IMGP9396 by aardvark_akubra, on Flickr

....a more general view of the shop...
IMGP9397 by aardvark_akubra, on Flickr

....another view of the concrete workbench, two part epoxy paint seems to be able to stand up to oil but it hasnt been exposed to coolant fluids...
IMGP9392 by aardvark_akubra, on Flickr.

I have grouted under the headstock end of the lathe but the tailstock is just standing on bolts until everything settles a little more but even as it is the lathe is much more solid and I dare say quieter in operation. The shaper and the cold cut saw are standing on rubber feet (the biggest rubber door stops I could find).

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Re: A peep inside my new home workshop, including concrete b

Post by stevec » Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:13 am

John, concrete bench sounds like a pretty sound idea. Was it cast in place? Is there rebar in it?
I was impressed with the finish attainable when I learned about and saw some concrete kitchen counter tops. They were ground and polished in place.
Is the cold saw home made? I'd be interested in more info on it.
BTW I have a nephew named John Hill, OK pretty common, both first and last.
BUT, he too has a Drummond round bed lathe!

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