How to make flywheel collet?

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Re: How to make flywheel collet?

Post by pace8 » Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:56 pm

Are you familiar with the FloridaAME web site? Well in case your'e not-----

Go to tips and links----Bob Shores tips---#18.

Dave gingery also had one that I've used a couple times and like pretty well, but I think it might be better suited for a bit larger shaft.

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Re: How to make flywheel collet?

Post by heavy_groover » Fri Oct 28, 2005 5:58 pm

I haven't made the types of parts you ask about, but I'm familiar with pulley assemblies that are designed to lock to plain shafts, made by Browning and other pulley manufacturers.

The hub (with slits) is tapered to compress as it is seated into the tapered hole in the pulley.
The slits are cut from the small end into the hub body, stopping short of the hub flange.
Typically, there is a flange on the hub to allow screws to pass thru it, and they thread into the pulley body.. tightening the screws pulls the hub and pulley together, causing the hub to compress tightly onto the shaft, locking the assembly together.

As a design modification of the above style of mounting, the hub could be extended to pass thru the flywheel, with threads exposed on the other side, allowing a nut to pull the hub into the flywheel, locking the assembly onto the shaft. A means of locking the nut should be included to insure that the assembly remains secure.
The slits would be cut from the large end of the hub for this type of a mounting style, stopping short of the threaded section.

I would speculate that either type of these mounting examples could be made in a home shop, however.. the parts would need to be made accurately, otherwise the flywheel would have runout.

A worse situation would be that the spinning flywheel might come off if the parts aren't properly fitted.


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Flywheel Collet plans

Post by Dave Sage » Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:38 pm

See attached flywheel collet plans from the Gingery Atkinson Cycle book. Hope this helps
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