More Farm Boy pics

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Re: More Farm Boy pics

Post by jgedde » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:06 pm

Thanks for the posting of the photos. You gave me food for thought... I've just started machining my farm boy in the last week (SN 408).

The first flywheel is chucked up on my lathe as we speak. It's being made from 303 (free machining) SS (close mass properties - about 11% heavier than class 40 CI), and cleaner and a bit easier to machine in terms of getting a really nice surface finish (although the "color" is a bit off from CI). Best of all, it was material I had on hand (i.e. free)! Of course painting it will require additional thought (perhaps powder coating will be employed). Then again the Farm Boy is still a beautiful engine left unpainted.

Here's the flywheel so far.... All turned and ready to be screwed up, uh I mean machined, to form the spokes...

The farm boy, IMHO, is an engine that looks "true to scale". It is aesthetically pleasing and doesn't use beefy looking flywheels unlike what you'd see in a full size H&M engine.

I really LOVE that fuel tank! Do you remember where on the net you found info on it?

Thanks again,

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