Shoptask owners?

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Re: Shoptask owners?

Post by Harold_V » Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:29 am

TomB wrote: Or even if he finds a buyer it may not be someone interested or capable of running the company as it has been run.
Speaking from personal experience, I fully agree.

When I retired, I sold a precious metal refining business that was exceedingly successful. It was so busy that I worked seven days/week, including holidays, trying to keep on schedule. It took the new owner but a few months to destroy a very nice business. He was intent on redesigning the wheel, which I found to be sufficiently round, and lacked a desire for work. When it collapsed, everyone was at fault (I was included) but he. Strangely, it had made a decent living for me for over ten years, with no issues.

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Re: Shoptask owners?

Post by LX Kid » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:52 pm

JT has been very helpful over the last couple of years with my older 1720 XMTC. He's given fast response and gone out of his way for me to help me resolve all my little problems.

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Re: Shoptask owners?

Post by MachMat » Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:44 pm

So I am an owner purchased new, a ShopTask 1720 Gold I think I purchase in 1998? Anyway I still have and use it regularly. Kind of a home machinist out of control I also have a 1932 Model O 9" South Bend and a Tie Bar Hendey 14x40 Lathe and a early CNC Bridgeport Mill, this is to say I have options when it comes to turning a piece of stock. Yet I have thought often of getting rid of the ShopTask... it is done lots of good work over the years. The mill suffers from being not very rigid, it does need an extra support and using the Morse 3 extension, not optima, more of a drill press with an X Y table. But the lathe is fine, better than fine and being that my other two lathes are old American Iron, and neither can cut Metric threads, and I even once turned a chair base which was right at the maximum capacity.

I added a servo to the X axis and change the lathe motor over to 3PH 2hp with a VFD, and put on linear scale for digital read out, these are all mods and while this is certainly not the quality of Old American Iron, it is functional.

Funny because I got to this forum because of looking up Shopmaster CNC lathes only to find they are now called Chicago Lathes and JT is no where to be found...... so does any one know anything about the new company? Or the quality of the product? The reason I shelled out $2k so many years ago was because of JT and he did stand behind his machines, I am sorry that he no longer represents the ShopTask brand.

Well the first post on this site since 2011, 9 years... maybe someone will bump into this post and we can chat LOL

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