Smithy Midas 1220 LTD Quick Change Toolpost Help

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Re: Smithy Midas 1220 LTD Quick Change Toolpost Help

Post by heavyg603 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:02 am

warmstrong1955 wrote:I did a DRO too!
What axis is giving you a problem?

Its the Y, on the cross feed. I initially installed it on the chuck side after not seeing a really clean way to put it on the tailstock side. One of the iGaging ones from eBay. I saw a guys post on YouTube that did it that way with a shield so I sort of duplicated that. Uses a piece of aluminum angle across the front for a shield. Worked great for a while but now the anchor I used to the bottom is sliding a bit, no doubt from all the coolant I've been using with stainless lately. Looking at the granite install it looks like they put in on the tailstock side so there must be a way that looked difficult when I first did it. How did you install yours ?

I'm also going to post a separate post on this too.

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