hi from a new member

This forum is dedicated to those hobbyists with the 3-in-1 metalworking machines. Mill-Drill-Lathes. Tips, techniques, modification and use of these machines is topical.

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hi from a new member

Post by laskaboots » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:11 am

hello from a new member. Heard about the forum from the last email from smartflix. Think this is just what I have been looking for. Last year I bought a Shoptask 3-in-one machine at an auction. My hobby is restoring British sports cars, Triumph Spitfires, and MGB's and Midgets.
I often have to make or modify a metal part that is no longer available.
I have taken two semesters of very basic machine shop classes at the local Tech college, primarily on the lathe, and Bridgeport milling machines.
My Shoptask is one of the older models, built in 1977. I am not interrested in CNC interfaces yet, just learning basic manual machine operations. I learned about cutting speed and feed rates, thread cutting and face milling, but I need more practice on my machine. I see there are some posts from other Shoptask owners, and I would be very interrested in learning from you guys, and maybe sharing some of my successes/mistakes. I am 59 years old, married and hoping I can enjoy my hobby when I retire. Live in Wisconsin, where the winters are long enough that I can almost be a basement hermit.

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Welcome to the club!

Post by vascon2196 » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:13 am

I noticed there were no replies to your introduction and being a new member myself I thought I would say hi.

I'm 31 years of age and just recently (within a year) got into home shop machining. I have made (4) stationary steam engines and am about to embark on my first locomotive...Little Engines Le Crab.

The guys on this site really know there stuff. You are in good hands when you get stuck and need questions answered.

I'm from Mass. but just recently visited Illinois in a small town just outside of Wisconsin. I went to this place called "Culver's" and it was the greatest food I ever had. Wish they had Culver's in Mass.

Good luck with your machining & your retirement!


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