G0516 Pulley/Belt question

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Re: G0516 Pulley/Belt question

Post by ken572 » Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:59 am

kluzfranjo wrote:ken572, thank you for the suggestion.

I will look into that - I don't see a problem, as there is plenty space inside.

However, I was hoping for a quicker/easier solution, this is why I was looking for slightly larger belt.
Contrary to my intuition, 32 is too long, even though the travel of the tensioner is quite long - I was not expecting that 32 would be so long that the travel would not cover that.

For a new tensioner, I need to look into available parts or make one myself.
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Re: G0516 Pulley/Belt question

Post by pete » Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:45 am

I found when I owned the same lathe that the supplied belt was total garbage anyway. It had a very poor splice where they joined it at the manufacturers and it made a large thump every time that splice started onto either pulley and onto the tensioner. Mine was labeled as being from the Wrong Fu Company in China. It was aptly named in my opinion. Every single V belt I've gotten on Chinese built equipment has been worthless. Can't remember if I replaced it with a metric belt or not, but I did replace it with a good quality Gates belt that was green in colour. It made an instant change in just how smooth the lathe operated and to the surface finishes I was getting.

Like most parts in any drive train, buying on price alone is just wasted money and a real waste of time since you'll finally end up having to buy a good quality belt anyway's. You have to do the exact opposite of cheap and buy the best quality you can find. For the length of time a high quality belt will last, they cost pennies per month. Depending on the exact length of belt you end up with, I found that tensioner works even better riding on the top surface of the belt and pushing it towards the bottom of the lathe.

Having a belt that's that tight that you almost can't get it off the pulley's would be real hard on both your motor bearings and put some major wear and tear on the rear spindle bearing. Replacing those parts and the time involved would buy a whole lotta real expensive belts I think.

Take your lathes belt with you when you go to find a new one, they can properly measure what you have and then figure out if it's metric, (more than likely) or imperial.


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