Do You What a Allen Model Engine

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Steve Alley
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Do You What a Allen Model Engine

Post by Steve Alley » Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:26 am

Hello from Allen Models
I am in contact with a person from Canada that wants a Consolidation to be built ready to run. We have found a contact of a Machine shop to do the work. All is moving along quite nice on this adventure of putting the two together. Machine shop owner and the customer. Working out details at the beginning is a lot to do but needed so all party's are on the same page. Down to what paint and how to apply it. What is want on the engine as jewelry for this build of the engine and contact were to get these parts.

I thought to add that the owner of the Machine shop to offer you people a place to go and get your engine built. Key thing that I stress to all party's is only two engines at a time. More than that its take to long and to much money at hand or not enough to make it happen. I will post in the future who this is and where and how to get a hold of him. Hopefully this list will grow and more options available to pick from.

Allen Models has so many calls asking for a ready to run engine and no one to send the casting to to get this done. I ask for shop if interested to contact me and some have. It about putting to party's together that are close and can work out these builds.
Please if your are a shop and not a person that has done one or two engines and are a business man, that can handle billing and contacting customer on a weekly base's to inform what is going on with the build. Please contact me.

Note: If I don't feel warm and fuzzy about you. and also check you out to see if you are for real. I have a reputation to keep. I need people that can follow though with what they say and can do.

Steve Alley
Allen Models of Nevada
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Steve Alley
Posts: 206
Joined: Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:30 am

Re: Do You What a Allen Model Engine

Post by Steve Alley » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:44 pm

So get e-mails with questions about this. So need to clear some things up.

1 We do not have a price for a finish ready to run engine. This changes do to customers whats and needs. What is available at time of order and have all the jewelry pieces that change pricing.
2 I can not answer to Machine shop charges or labor rates.
3 we are trying to connect you the customer with a shop to have parts or completer ready to run engine.
4 Time frame to have a complete engine done and out the door. In a perfect world with all parts available at the needed time to have them (boiler) This changes the time frame of finish date. I would like to say a safe time frame would be one year. But can not be held to this.
5 Its not a honer for the machine shop to build your engine, Its just a job for him to make money. Payments are do when ask. Not to be late. Machine shop would stop on the build and move to a paying job. So time frame can change do to this.
6 Yes I would like to see the shop owners be give progress reports on a weekly or by weekly bases. Both customer and shop would have some thing to fall back on.
7 Once you have started the process of having a Machine shop do the work, and he post back to you progress and you show your friends and some one has a better idea of how to do things. It maybe to late and to confront this may cause problems. Other words build as drawing show and not after the fact ask for changes. Out line of needs and wants should be up front and soon as possible.
8 With the new Laser cut parts for spring rigging and front truck parts. This changes the time frame or speeds up the build process by a great deal. Also saving in time is labor money not spent.
9 We are developing more items all the time here, As in new Tender Tank Laser cut parts ready to rivet together. Big savings and labor time. Also reducing cost.
10 If a person in the past has built an Allen Engine Before and today using the new water jet frames and Laser cut parts would cut hundreds of hours off the build time. Big savings to you now do to this offered of custom and very accurate parts.

Note one customer wrote me and told me he cook hamburgers for his family and was mill the frames at the same time and 2 hrs ate and done with the frames. Now this was one of the operations in cutting out the journal box openings and the cylinder openings. And holes on the side of frame. But Not the top and bottom holes for cross member mounts or keeper for the journals. This was a second and third operation set up.

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