Set of four 8in 2.5" scale driver centers

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Set of four 8in 2.5" scale driver centers

Post by Harlock » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:57 pm

This is a set of four driver centers left over from a group C-16 build. They are machined centers and ready to receive steel tires that you make. They will make 8" drivers after the tires are on. They are 7.6" as raw centers.

They are 1" thick. Axle holes are ~0.9375", crankpin holes are 0.75". Crankpin offset is 2.25" making a 4.5" stroke. One driver still has flashing on the spokes.

Use these to make a 2.5" scale or larger 0-4-0!

Also included is a blind center driver that is 1.375" thick. I can not include this if you don't want it and you are paying for shipping.

Will ship at buyer's expense or deliver to LALS or SBLS in SoCal this coming weekend Oct 7-8.

This is part of a larger tool and part sale: ... -tool-sale

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