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1,6 Steam Air Pump castings ****SOLD****

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:53 pm
by Postwarbob
What is for sale here is a partially machined set of air pump or water pump castings. These were offerd by Barney Barningham (RIP) from his residence in Boise Idaho. It comes with a complete set of easy to read plans. Due to what I've been able to understand from the prints the size of the bore is set for air. The water cylinder size has much smaller bores .A bushing could be pressed into the bores to allow for pump to pump water. Former GGLS member Dick Thomas purchased many of these pumps finished for the many engines he built. Before he passed I purchased 3 of these pump kits which he was planning on finishing and then send them to Barney to get operating. These pumps look like a standard Westinghouse Cross Compound Pump. The difference on these pumps is that the steam end is on the bottom using a special shuttle assembly for the operation. The bores are the same size. Not different like the cross compound pumps. The prints seem easy to follow so I'm guessing an average home machnist who can build a loco would be able to finish this pump. My plans were to duplicate them and offer unmachined casting sets. (We all know how that works ) !!!! The first print is the semi machined castings . The second Photo is the side elevation and the last print is my working Air Pump. # 44 that Barney built. ( PUMP in BLACK is NOT for sale at present.)

What I am selling is whats in 1st photo plus 1 machined piston rod with piston and a complete set (10) pages of prints and material list. My asking price for whats here is 600.00 plus 20.00 USPS priority shipping. I take paypal & M/O PM me and thanks for looking. I have more to list from this collection I'm selling for my friend.

Re: 1,6 Steam Air Pump castings

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:37 pm
by Postwarbob
Pump castings have been sold .