Where to get engines

This forum is for Internal Combustion Engines such as Hit 'n Miss, Throttle Goverened One Lungers etc. Repair, Machining, Operation, Buy/Sell/Trade of these engines are all topical.

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Where to get engines

Post by Irontrader » Wed Feb 04, 2004 2:21 pm

It is getting harder all the time to find the freebie or engines for a song.
They are still out there, just takes more effort to find them.

Easiest way to get them is to visit established collectors willing to part with what they have, or go to shows and swap meets in your area.

You can also check the various publications for engines in your area.

www.irontrader.com is a monthly publication (which I happen to produce) that focuses on the western states and has engines for sale.


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