Engine Value --- please help!

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Engine Value --- please help!

Post by Silveraven » Tue Sep 13, 2005 9:19 pm

Hi! I am not sure where to turn, as I'm not really familiar with antique engines (sorry!). My father recently passed away and left behind a 1921 5HP Hercules stationary engine. It seems to be in OK shape and will run, but my Mother has decided to sell it. We have no idea what the value is and were hoping that someone could help. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at clarionprobate@yahoo.com

Thank You!

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Post by pkastagehand » Fri May 12, 2006 8:28 am

Not sure if I can give you any real help but maybe a starting point. I haven't bought or sold any engines for years, but back in the late seventies or early eightys they I used to figure roughly 100 bucks a horsepower. So a 5HP might go for around $500. But today's prices may be higher. Also depends on how/where you sell it. If you can find a number of collectors interested then it helps.

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Post by Orrin » Fri May 12, 2006 10:25 am

I keep in touch with antique engine enthusiasts via a couple of mailing lists. Every now and then someone will post results of an auction they've attended. Here are some auction results for some of the larger Hercules engines. Some date back to 1999, so some of the prices may seem low by today's standards; other prices may be as recent as this year.

Keep in mind that engine values vary widely. If they are missing major parts such as magnetos or igniters, the value plunges. A cart will add to the value and a good restoration can almost double the value.

Note that I have thrown in some Economy prices. Hercules manufactured Economy engines for Sears Roebuck, so mechanically they are similar, if not identical. "5E" engines are 5 h.p.


Hercules 6 HP on cart, no mag, buzz coil, running $550.00
7hp Hercules EK half base on cart w/clutch $700
7hp Economy Hit/miss full base, on cart w/clutch $700
Hercules 5hp no flywheels/crank $250
Hercules E 5 HP on trucks restored $1500
Herc 5E on cart $525
Hercules 7 HP $950
Hercules 5 Hp $600
Hercules 5 HP $650
4 HP Economy $400
6 hp Economy restored- $1100
Economy 5hp $1000
Economy 5hp $500
Economy 5hp FW w/Wico magneto $450
Economy 5E on cart $335
Economy 5 HP $600
Economy 5 HP $475
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Post by gary350 » Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:11 pm

I sold a 1 3/4 hp hit & miss engine 5 years ago for $950.00. It had been totally restored and it was in excellent running condition. I bought it the year before for $900.00 played with it for a year then sold it for $50 more than I paid. I know Hercules is a rear engine a Hercules collectors that will pay top dollar. I know a 1/3/4 hp Hercules sold for $1500.00 a few months ago. I would think a 5 hp engine would be worth about $5000.00 to a Hercules collector. The larger engines are less collectable but 5 hp is an very nice size you should not have any problems selling it. I have a friend that is a collector if will send you his email address if you want.

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