Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car described

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Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car described

Post by onyx77 » Mon May 21, 2012 10:47 am

Hello Everyone:

I am looking to have the object shown in the PDF whcih can be obtained by clicking on the link. Basically it is a very nice machined/precision mechanical initeria toy car model. I made a powerpoint presentation of what I would like and then printed to a PDF to be able to share in hopes that someone could help me. In addition to the PDF, I have also obtained some "playable metal" kits from Beyond 123 that I was thinking of using, but have not really had a chance to see if it would help or not. I think once you see what I put together, you may have some interest in helping me. Many thanks in advance for your considerations! ... y_Car.html

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Re: Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car descri

Post by onyx77 » Mon May 21, 2012 10:17 pm

I figured that not many people would want to go through the trouble downloading the file and looking at it so I am trying to post the contents here.

Mechanical Toy Car
How I got here…

In late 2010 I came across a beautiful object called the “Toy Car” by by Wouter Scheublin.
It is a spring powered toy car made of stainless steel and bronze.

Click Below for link to Wouter’s website

The Toy Car is being made in a limited edition and due to the cost, I am uncertain if I will be able to obtain one before they are all sold.

Therefore, just in case I can not get one, I decided to make a version of my own.

The obvious question of how do I do that is what I have been trying to answer…

The purpose of this is to illustrate my progress so far and what design ideas have inspired me (or what I would like the final version to look like).

◦ What materials should I use.
◦ What gear ratio should I use.
◦ Are their any programs that will allow me to illustrate simply.

My criteria:
◦ Same beautiful materials.
◦ Powered by heavy, beautiful flywheel.
◦ 4wd.
◦ An approximate size of 4x6.

I would like to make a friction/inertia version using metal as the material. I would like it to be about the same size, have the exposed gears, but have a different gear set up with a beautiful flywheel.

My search in making one continued by be doing some substantial research and purchasing various friction toy cars and other geared mechanical objects as well as gears from local hobby shops, taking them from broken laser printers, drills, etc... I also downloaded demos of AutoDesk Inventor and SolidWorks

Overall, it appears that the best friction cars that can be purchased have a somewhat standard gear set up for 2wd and 4wd.

I would like mine to be 4wd.

2wd Example

A good example of a friction powered vehicle is the Zecar sold by Kikkerland and designed by Chico Bicalho and which can be found at


The Hotwheels revups seem to have the best distance and after opening one up, I was able to tell that it uses a transmission to power the front axle from the back axle. ... evupsCars/


Most of the 4wd friction cars use the cluster of gears to transfer power. Only the RevUps use the rod with a bevel and crown gear to transfer the power to make 4wd. However, the RevUps are also the most efficient (longest distance v push)\

The middle gear is connected to the flywheel which turns the gears which reach to each of the axles.

Here is a high torque set up that is used in RC Tanks. This may actually be too much torque for what I am looking for, but is a great model to study.


Below is an example of a frame designed using solidworks. This was created by someone who actually knows how to use those programs… Not Me!!
A different version using an example of gears. Not sure if the ratios actually mean something in this model or not.


Overall, I think the best design I can think of would include:
◦ 4wd using the same method as the RevUps.
◦ 1-2 flywheels.
◦ Thinking of taking the Zecar gear set up and having two sets on one car. Left and Right.
Imagine a larger flywheel. This is 2wd so I would still need to determine how I want the 4wd. I think like RevUps would be best.

I would like this to be machined and any input or modifications would be welcome. I am willing to compensate a reasonable fee of course. If you are interested, please let me know.

Many thanks!

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Re: Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car descri

Post by tetramachine » Wed May 23, 2012 11:55 am

The material used on most of the "toy Car" look like stainless steel, the gears may be something like 1144 steel. Wheels appear to be SS as well. The question is are you looking for someone to build your design, or someone to help you along with making parts.

The piece in the photos is an artful work, The frame is curvy, minimalist, no exposed nuts, set screws, this is by design.

To make that type of work is much more time consuming, then using regular machining and assembly technic's.

I'd be interested in doing this car for you. 4wd inertia motors, skeleton frame etc.

email what drawing you have.
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Re: Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car descri

Post by onyx77 » Thu May 24, 2012 7:35 am

Wonderful! I do not have access to any type of machining equipment so I'm looking for some to make. I am out of town now but will send you what I have ASAP. It does not have to be as well crafted as the model shown, but looking for the same type of thickness.

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Re: Need someone to make a mechanical inertia toy car descri

Post by WJH » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:09 pm

He wants 245 Euros for the 3d printed version of that car...
I am in the wrong business! ... d-toy-car/

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