Electronic Leadscrew

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Electronic Leadscrew

Post by RONALD » Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:30 am

Here is a post that was put on the new Harrison Group that migrated from the ye olde Yahoo site that will die in a few weeks.

I ran it by Harold to see what he thought before I posted, and it is below.

My Harrison VS330TR has almost every kinda thread imaginable on it already, I would not need such a device, and neither would the CNC owners.

"To: HarrisonLathe@groups.io
Subject: [harrisonlathe] Electronic Leadscrew

Hi everyone
There's a series of videos on youtube from a guy who has developed an electronic leadscrew for his lathe.
So the leadscrew is not directly connected to the headstock by the changegears but only by a position encoder feeding a servo motor.
Sounds scary but have a look at the first video and I guarantee you will want to see the rest.
Any federate or thread, metric or imperial at the push of a button.
The plan seems to be to offer it as a kit for the enthusiast to install.

I'm impressed. Not only with the concept, but the guy seems to have his act together.
That would be a wonderful addition to any manual lathe. Talk about a poor man's CNC.


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Re: Electronic Leadscrew

Post by pete » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:24 pm

There's also https://www.rocketronics.de/en/els/ for an already built kit version to do the same and even more. And http://www.babinmachine.com/index.php?HLVELECLEAD as a high end industrial level version for the HLV lathes. I've been following the one in your link since the first video was posted about it. There's also been various other user assembled ELS versions for the hobbyist over quite a few years if you do a Google search. It's a clever and versatile system for lathes with much less built in capability than your Harrison has.

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Re: Electronic Leadscrew

Post by Mr Ron » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:22 am

Sounds like a great idea for mini lathes like HF and Sherline that don't have quick change gear boxes.
Mr.Ron from South Mississippi

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