Prazi SD300 lathe locking handles

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Prazi SD300 lathe locking handles

Post by henryr » Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:19 am

I got tired of using the M6 allen wrench to lock and unlock the carriage and tailstock on my Prazi SD300 lathe so I designed and made locking handles. They work great so I thought others may want to make them. Here are some pics, dimensioned drawings and mounting instructions.

Handle mounting steps:
1. Use M6 allen wrench to rotate M8 locking screw so assembly is firmly locked.

2. Slip handle mounting ring over locking cap screw head

3. Rotate handle to position you like

4. Secure handle to locking screw head with ¼-20 set screw with locking patch or use a liquid thread locker

Optional and recommended to ensure handle won’t work lose over time

1. Lock assembly and remove handle locking set screw

2. Place handle on locking screw and put it in a position you like

3. Stick magic marker into set screw hole and make a mark on locking screw head

4. Remove handle and locking screw

5. File or mill small flat at mark for set screw to lock against

6. Reassemble everything and secure handle using set screw with locking patch or liquid thread locker

For tailstock spindle locking handle
1. Cut 6” long 1/4” diameter piece of aluminum rod

2. Bend rod 90 degrees so handle section is about 3 1/2” long

3. Mill M6 hex on short end

4. Put handle in a vise with hex facing up

5. Apply epoxy inside head of locking cap screw and on sides of hex on end of handle

6. Push cap screw on to handle hex and with small hammer tap cap screw so it sits firmly aligned on handle

7. Leave it in vise for epoxy to cure overnight
prazi handle drawing2.JPG
prazi handle drawing3.jpg

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