Hot Topics / FAQs - Please Check These Out First!!

All discussion about lathes including but not limited to: South Bend, Hardinge, Logan, Monarch, Clausing and other HSM lathes, including imports

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Hot Topics / FAQs - Please Check These Out First!!

Post by AllThumbz » Wed May 19, 2010 11:04 am

These threads answer many of the questions on lathe operation that readers have. Please check here first. This section will be periodically updated. If you have suggestions for noteworthy threads, please pm me, and I will be glad to add them. Thanks!

Show us your lathe! ... 42&t=84819

Lubricants to use on the moving parts of a lathe???? ... 42&t=74083

What tooling have you made for your lathe? ... 42&t=84837

Show us your restored lathe- before and after! ... 42&t=50117

Lathe threading math ... 42&t=85087

How to De-Skid Lathe and Put it Against Wall? ... 42&t=81511

Wedge or piston type quick change tool posts? ... 42&t=83696

Moving a Lathe ... 42&t=84377

Insert Lathe Tooling - an education? ... 42&t=80014

Lack of Rigidity In Small Lathe Tool Holders ... b4701a6a43

Is this normal turning on a lathe? ... b4701a6a43

Truing Drill Chuck Arbors for Improved Accuracy ... =4&t=87063

Insert Tooling Questions ... b4701a6a43

Cutting Oils ... 42&t=85094

Stuff Needed to Get New Lathe Up and Running? ... 42&t=81266

How to Oil Lathe Fittings ... 42&t=81800

QCTP Tool Holders ... 42&t=80781

A Good Lathe Chuck ... 42&t=84094

How should I deal with lathe misalignment issues? ... 42&t=79551

Truing up jaws in lathe chuck ... 42&t=73256

Best way to paint a lathe? ... 42&t=73931

Internal threading on a lathe ... 42&t=58324

Threading on a lathe ... 42&t=57966

What brand / type of way oil should I use? ... 42&t=86506

Controlling Chips and Swarf in a Home Shop! ... 363#p55363

Helpful SouthBend Lathe Information ... 53#p180653

VFD Choices - Automation Direct, Hitachi, Teco, . ... =4&t=13390

VFD Features??? ... =4&t=76067

VFD Help ... =4&t=79044

VFD info ... =4&t=78607

VFD again ... f=4&t=5843

VFD driving 2 motors, 1 switched. OK? ... =4&t=18623

3 phase - Is it worth the trouble ... ency+drive
Is there a topic that belongs on this list? Let me know and I will add it!
More to come!