Fixing the electrics in my old German mill Ruhla 250/710

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Re: Fixing the electrics in my old German mill Ruhla 250/710

Post by liveaboard » Sat Jun 05, 2021 1:54 am

It's purely academic; I have no budget for tables or heads, and no need either.
In case a need should arise in future, I'll deal with it then.

I like ebay auctions because every now and then, I got a really great deal on something when no one else bid seriously; but considering the time spent, it's been as much about entertainment as anything else.

I bought a lot of things from the UK that way, because there was cheap transport available for items that could still be posted within the UK.
Spain and Portugal have a different culture for used things; In 12 years here, I've rarely found a bargain.
Postage rates even from Spain take the fun out of small purchases, although some retailers there ship to Portugal without extra cost.

I'm amazed at the prices people expect for used anything. I used to make reasonable offers but I gave up the habit because it didn't ever work.
I drove for miles and miles, only to view worn out scrap that the seller asked 80% of retail for.

I did buy several quality hand tools at a flea market once, during the depths of the 2008 crisis.
Considering the number of times I drove to and from that market, 30 miles each way, there was no profit in that either. It was just for the excitement of the chase.

Right now I need an ER40 collet chuck and 14mm cutters for my boring head. There are EU ebay sellers with reasonable prices, not as cheap as the UK though.
That will hopefully be the end of milling machine expenditure for a while.

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