The works' manager's hand-book. (A Wealth of Info Inside)

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The works' manager's hand-book. (A Wealth of Info Inside)

Post by ken572 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:39 am


The works' manager's hand-book of modern rules, tables, and
data for civil and mechanical engineers, millwrights, and boiler
makers; tool makers, machinists, and metal workers; iron and
brass founders, etc., etc. In six sections: I.Stationary and
locomotive steam engines, gas engines. II.Hydraulic memoranda;
pipes, pumps, waterpower. III.Millwork; shafting, gearing, pulleys.
IV.Steam boilers, safety valves, factory chimneys. V.Heat, warming,
and ventilating; melting, cutting, and finishing metals; alloys, and
casting; wheel-cutting; screw-cutting. VI.Strength, and weight of
materials; workshop data, etc. 1886 (500p) 8)


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