For Your Home Machine Shop Electric Repair Bench.

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For Your Home Machine Shop Electric Repair Bench.

Post by ken572 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:52 am


These should be some what helpful, for your
electrical install, and repair needs in your shop.
Also a couple for the Machinist bench


Ryerson Metal Data Book 1972 (145p)

Laboratory Instruments 1959 (530p)

American boy's book of electricity 1916 (386p)

The Student's Text-book of Electricity 1867 (565p)

Frictional electricity 1886 (151p)

Practical electricity 1917 (669p)

The testing of transformer steel 1909 (40p)

The American Electricians Handbook 1913 (725p)

Transformer practice : manufacture, assembling,
connections, operation and testing 1913 (300p)

Transistor Techniques 1956 (97p)

Towers International Transistor Selector 1974 (140p) ... orSelector

Brite Transistor Fundamentals Vol 1 1968 – 1981 (240p) ... entalsVol1

Electrical Measurements 1937 (162p)

Armature winding and motor repair; practical information,
and data covering winding and reconnecting procedure for
direct and alternating current machines, compiled for
electrical men responsible for the operation and repair of
motors and generators in industrial plants and for repairmen,
and armature winders in electrical repair shops 1920 (556p)

The Induction Motor: A Short Treatise on Its Theory,
and Design, with ... 1901 (127p)

How to Inspect, Repair, Test, Calibrate, Read and
Compute Electric ... 1901 (59p)

How to make a dynamo: a practical treatise for amateurs 1890 (172p)

The motor and the dynamo 1913 (210p)

Enjoy :wink:

Ken. :)
One must remember.
The best learning experiences come
from working with the older Masters.

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