PUMPS - All Types and Related Equipment. (GREAT INFO)

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PUMPS - All Types and Related Equipment. (GREAT INFO)

Post by ken572 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:58 pm

These are really interesting reads.. 8)

IS 6070: Code of Practice for Selection, Operation and Maintenance
of Trailer Fire Pumps, Portable Pumps, Water Tenders and Motor,
Fire Engines (First Revision) 1983 (38p)

Study of blade clearance effects on centrifugal pumps 1972 (256p)

Deming Co., Hand and power pumps for all uses; cistern and
force pumps, well pumps and cylinders, spray pumps and nozzles,
hydralic rams and pneumatic water systems, rotary, centrifugal
and power deep well pumps, triplex power pumps, air compressors
and pumps for special duties 1916 (368p)

Water softening and treatment condensing plant, feed pumps
and heaters for steam users and manufacturers 1920 (336p)

Ten years' progress in water works pumps : a manual for water
works officials and engineers, with notes on duty and economy
comparisons, testing of steam turbines and centrifugal pumps,
measuring head & flow, flow of water in pipes, etc. 1921 (114p)

Fairbanks, Morse & Co.
A complete line of pumps for shallow and deep
well service: Catalog H-405 1932 (108p)
http://archive.org/details/ACompleteLin ... talogH-405

Pneumatic pumps, steel windmills, tilting towers, compressors,
electric motors, gas and gasoline engines. 1906 (18p)
http://archive.org/details/PneumaticPum ... tricMotors

The principles, construction, and application of pumping machinery
(steam and water pressure) with practical illustrations of engines
and pumps applied to mining, town water supply, drainage of lands,
etc. also economy and efficiency trials of pumping machinery 1905 (451p)


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