3/4" Scale J1e

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Re: 3/4" Scale J1e

Post by NP317 » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:28 pm

Thanks for that explanatory link.
Very interesting.

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Re: 3/4" Scale J1e

Post by JBodenmann » Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:18 pm

Hello My Friends
Managed to get a few hours in fiddling with the Hudson. Sometimes I just need a break from the shop, so Sunday was spent outside doing gardening and moving dirt for the railway. The running board supports have been quite a puzzle and they are almost finished up. Saturday was spent on the piping bracket aspects of them. The prototype had provisions for several different piping sizes but I decided to make all the brackets all for 5/32" piping. That is probably the most common size in 3/4" scale and if smaller sizes are needed they can always be bushed down. In the top photo we have some little tubes silver soldered in. 1/4" OD. and 5/32" ID. After soldering the top half of the tubes were milled away. The same thing for the pipe clamp half as seen in the second photo. The last two snappies show them milled and held together for a look. The running boards will sit on top of the clamps. This is the same set up as on the Nickel Plate Berks. Now the supports will be soldered together, some metal finishing and filling will be done and then the molds will be made. These will be the most complicated molds I have made and I will have to think about them for a while. The big complicated one that holds the power reverse and distributing valve will have the waxes made in at least two sub assemblies and then wax welded together. Something I have never done. A delightful little puzzle?? Lets wait and see.

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Re: 3/4" Scale J1e

Post by Asteamhead » Mon Feb 24, 2020 5:46 pm

Hello Jack,
Nice looking parts for use as patterns! Why didn't you drill massive material and mill these half down ?
Looking forward to your process of making the waxes 8) ! Guess the final castings will be facinating!

All the best by Wulf-Dieter

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