Steam Expo August 17-20 2016

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Steam Expo August 17-20 2016

Post by steamingon » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:11 pm

68th Annual Threshermen's Reunion Steam Expo August 17-20

If you have never been to the Rough and Tumble Engineers Museum this is the year to go.
Each year they chose a theme whether it be John Deer tractors or Economy gas engines. This year the theme is STEAM. Steam Tractors, Steam Rollers, Steam Engines, anything that is powered by STEAM. Their goal is to have over 100 traction engines on display on the grounds. Most years they average 25 to 30 traction engines at the show. So far they have commitments from almost 100 traction engine owners to be at the show. Rough & Tumbles Steam Lawn Mower currently under restoration will also be on display. Who knows what else will show up.



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