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2014 Oregon Gears Show Sept 27/28 Portland Or

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:06 pm
by gcarsen
Its that time of the year again!!! end of this month is the Oregon Gears show in Portland Or. at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center!
A great show that showcases Home industrial craftsmanship at its best!! model engines of all kinds, school robotic teams, sand casting, lost wax casting, blacksmith, and a lot of others!! the show was revamped last year and everyone had a blast!!! new management, new goals ( get the younger generations involved!) and new focus! all home industrial hobbies are welcome!!
the show is sponsored and Hosted by the Friends and crew of the Southern Pacific 4449, all profits and proceeds stay in the building for keeping the locomotive running for the enjoyment of future generations!
please come and enjoy yourself!! tell your friends and please help spread the word about the show!! feel free to post on other forums to spread the word!!
attached is a brochure for the show, visit the website, email it, or my email, or pm me.
please come and enjoy yourself!!
will be updating post with more info!

Re: 2014 Oregon Gears Show Sept 27/28 Portland Or

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:10 pm
by gcarsen
Just a quick announcement,
as a new event at the show, we have a Guest speaker, Portland's own Tim Leatherman! of Leatherman tool fame!! to give a little display and talk of how he started with an idea in his shop and grew it to an international corporation. the ultimate home shop growth and success story!!
he will be putting on his seminar at 11 am Saturday morning!!
See you there!!