CORRECTION : it’s Ben Hammer, not Bob Hammond

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CORRECTION : it’s Ben Hammer, not Bob Hammond

Post by Glenn Brooks » Sun Apr 25, 2021 3:22 pm

My apologies for this dual posting. Made a mistake identying “Bob Hammond” as the builder of the 15” gauge 4-4-0 now on display at the Adobe Mountain Train Museum, Maricopa Live Steamers, in the Pheonix area, and posting this to correct my error.

somehow initially, I completely confused Ben Hammer with ‘Bob Hammond’- which was not correct. Ben Hammer is the correct name of the master builder who created these two locomotives, and an earlier, unidentified diesel outline scale model. Ben lived most of his working life in Southern California, moving to Sun City West, an outlying community near Pheonix, after retirement. He built his now ‘missing’ engine #2 in his garage possibly in the Potereo area east of San Diego , then moved to Arizona where he constructed his engine #3- now on display in the MLS miniature train museum.

Wanting to know if anybody remembers BEN HAMMER, or his wife EDNA, both of whom passed away in the Pheonix area 15 or so years ago? I found some old family papers and correspondence amongst the drawings i purchased and would like to pass them along to any relatives who may still be living.

Also found mention of Ben’s early interest (1961-65) in 1.5” scale live steam locomotives, and a Fairbanks Morris 1200 hp road switcher. So also seeking info on a possible 7.5” ga engine or 15” ga diesel outline Ben may have built.

Thanks much for any assistance anyone could offer,

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