Potential Changes Coming

Get community help here, post test messages, suggestions etc. I will also document here changes that take place such as maintenance and upgrades.

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Potential Changes Coming

Post by Marty_Escarcega »

I can't express enough to the group how time consuming it is to weed through the number of membership requests I must process in order to weed out the potential Spammers. About a year ago I implemented a closed board. In otherwords the BOARD does not automatically approve memberships. I have to manually review them. A new member MUST post a tiny bit about their interest in the hobby in a field. Those serious enough to post a short statement there validates their interest in our hobby. Those that don't or try and post web links to spam sites in those fields get deleted.

I get so many requests to join the board from those with @hotmail.com, @gmail.com, @yahoo.com email addresses which are so easy for potential spammers to get, it would cut my time considerably if I just automatically have the board immediately disapprove requests from those individuals using those email addresses.

Mike Dorin, owner of this site and several others does NOT use personal information, does NOT distribute personal information including your email address. I encourage you NOT to post your personal email address in any messages. SPAMbots and other email harvensting software scans text looking for email addresses.

I had already disallowed @gmail.com, then had a couple users want to joing and couldn't so I opened it back up again. I have since disallowed users with @gmail.com address from joining because there was a much higher ratio of individuals trying to join the site with intentions of spamming the group than legitimate users.

IF you are trying to join this our site, please use your real email address to join. All I can give you is my word that your email addresses will not be distributed in anyway, and I will have the technician make sure NO user can view another user's email address. If another user can find it, a spambot or email harvester can see it.

I truly appreciate everyone's understanding and my intention to do my best to keep spam from becoming a part of this site.

IF you feel the site is improperly banning your email address or not allowing you to join, then email me directly with your email address so I can check the filters.

Marty Escarcega
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Post by Jose Rivera »

Love to read these rules !

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change of address

Post by blekenbleu »

I am grateful that you maintain such a fine website
and appreciate that controlling subscriptions is necessary.
For example, the porshe901 yahoo group was once useful
for 911 owners of a certain vintage, but has been trashed.

However, once a subscriber is vetted, being allowed to
change their email address e.g. to gmail.com would be convenient.
DSL service in my area changes hands every few years, and
account I used to subscribe here will be shut off in 3 months.
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