10-Wheeler Cylinder castings

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Steve Alley
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Re: 10-Wheeler Cylinder castings

Post by Steve Alley » Wed May 15, 2019 6:31 pm

Hello this is the owner of Allen Models, Steve Alley. So you might think I find this Inappropriate. I don't. I started in this hobby looking for some way to buy something I like and cost was a factor. I found the RRSC American that went though a Home fire. It was in two buckets, Frame, and Boiler. Started cleaning parts and order a RRSC catalog to get started. I built this engine and I save some money. I came from Go-Kart racing and was still racing when I started my first engine. I had My own Kart shop and blue printed engines. I am a self taught metal remover. Not a machinist. I came back from living in Reno and working as a Mechanic. Chev, Dodge, High Performance, Heavy line. Engines Trans, Diff. Some A/C and Smog. So I was a rounded mechanic. The Kart shop was a money maker and paid for my racing and more. I have over 100 customers that I did engines for.

So what has this to do with the topic. YOU HAVE TO START SOME WARE. Not all can afford and have the skills. As we all know The cell Phone has killed most trades, Computer science was a big down fall in schools in the 80's- 90"s , This replace Welding, Wood shop, Metal shop. On and on. So today we have so many that want a Locomotive and can not afford the equipment or have the skills. Yes there are collage classes. But that takes away from the Family life or Play Time. It takes someone with determination to build a Locomotive. Let alone the expense or time and skills. So if there is a guy out there Looking for parts and pieces GREAT, Go for it. Start Some ware.

ALLEN MODELS is looking at future things. I have been working behind the seen with the possibility of offering Parts Machine. NOT me doing it in house. Why Because I do not have the time for one. Plus I could easily fine myself so barred that it would have no time going to tracks and even work on my own engine to have fun. I am on my second shop now to do these castings, But I can see I would not be able to keep up with the demand. So Big Money investment to do what I want. There is many other things happening behind the seen's than that. I am not letting the cat out of the bag, but as many as 7 more engines to offer. From existing castings and others I have bought to do so.

If those out there think I am nuts, I am, about the hobby. Dave and others have help in this post, I want to thank you people for the effort. Thank You.
But there is a big picture to look at, The hobby and the suppliers as a hole. Clubs don't offer exchange of running at other clubs. Why not. Suppliers don't have a voice in the hobby, Why not. Meaning To have a say or to control others that are hurting the hobby. I know of two right now today.
I just want to promote Steam, Not Steam outline. (waste of good castings) The diesel world has its purpose, ( wow I said that) its for the elders that can not get on there Steam Engines. Ha HA.
Most say at the clubs ( Hell No one in this Hobby got Rich) Will Me too. But I am making Money. But put most back into the company and expanding it. Marty Knox added the 0-4-0 Yard engine. I brought back a 2-4-0 engine that was two made from mistake of cutting the frame material to short and became a 2-4-0 from a 2-6-0, This was before Allen Models and it was HARPUR Locomotive works. We also have the 3 3/4 scale 7 1/2" gauge Sandy River and Rangley lakes castings. 14" boiler. Monster engine.

More at a later date.
But there is right around the corner some new announcement coming.

Thank You my customers for the years that you bought from me. You are the ones that are making the hobby a LIVE and GROWING.

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Re: 10-Wheeler Cylinder castings

Post by ChipsAhoy » Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:48 pm

Spoke w/ your friend about ten wheeler castings, bagley burner and truck frames.
Sent you a PM. Thank you very much.

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